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Sunset Memorial Park Floral Policy


Sunset Memorial Park Association is not responsible for any items, decorations, flowers or potted plants left on or at the gravesite, mausoleum crypt or niche within the Park.

Sunset is a memorial park, with flush memorials that enhance the beauty of the park and allow for easy maintenance during mowing season.

GRAVE DECORATIONS are limited ONLY fresh cut flowers during the mowing season, from March 1st to November 1st. Flowers will be removed when they become wilted or unsightly. Cut flowers should be placed in the bronze vase that is in the memorial or a temporary "pick" vase may be used.

From November 1st to March 1st wreaths or other appropriate decorations will be allowed on graves. All artificial decorations should have a weatherproof tag indicating the name, section, lot and grave number. All decorations should be securely anchored in the ground. Grave blankets are not permitted.

Stones, pebbles, bricks, mulch or shells are not permitted on graves. No chains, fencing or other barriers around the grave are permitted.

FUNERAL FLOWERS will be removed from the gravesite, within 5 days of the burial and will be disposed of by the Association.

MAUSOLEUM FLOWERS are limited to fresh cut or potted plants. The Association is not responsible for the watering of the plants or for the storage of the vases used in the Mausoleum. Artificial flowers or decorations are not permitted.

No decorations or pictures may be affixed to the crypt or niche front. As crypt and niche fronts are a part of the building structure, only Association-approved and installed crypt and niche front decorations are permitted. The use of adhesives or tape can cause damage to the granite and marble fronts. Nonapproved decorations, which may cause discoloration and other damage, can diminish the beauty of the entire building affecting the rights of others. Items attached to the fronts will be removed and the cost of repair may be assessed to the owner or heir of the place of interment, entombment or inurnment.

No wreaths, pictures or decorations on an easel are permitted in the mausoleum. All permitted decorations should be placed on the tables provided.

Christmas Decorations may be placed on or after December 15th. Arrangements other than cut flowers will left until the weekend after New Year's Day. (Removal on Monday) Potted plants will be left until they become wilted or removed by the first of February if they are Christmas plants.

Other holidays (Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Memorial Day) placement of decorations may begin one week before the holiday and removed one week after holiday. For holidays, artificial will be permitted. Candles are not permitted in the buildings.

The Superintendent of Sunset Memorial Park Association is charged with the responsibility of removing all decorations that do not confirm to the flower regulations as stated in these Rules and Regulations.

Any person caught stealing flowers or doing any vandalism will be prosecuted.

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